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    If Bitcoin keeps up its trend, it will reach USD250.000 by 2020
    -James Lopp, former engineer at BitGo.
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    Kapytal Exchange goes international this week

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    Uulala Intitial Exchange Offering at Kaptyal Exchange

    Uulala (EUULA)

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    This is Kapytal

    • Saving and investing my money was never in my mind, I didn’t like any options available to me. Kapytal was my first opportunity and I couldn’t be happier.

      Cintia Morales, Product Designer.
    • All the investment options only seemed good for institutions, but Kapytal at last has made me feel like I own my money.

      Erick Alvarez, UX Developer.
    • Commision-based money saving, sending and receiving shouldn’t be a business model anymore when Kapytal offers all this, for a fraction of the competition. This has improved my finances.

      Daniela Mujica, Business Manager.

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