Binance Coin can now be traded for Mexican Pesos

Kapytal - Binance Coin in Mexico

Happy new year. Kapytal is 4 months old this January, we’ve been running at full speed and we already have hundreds of active traders. For them goes our most sincere gratitude for trusting us.

We hope that this year 2019 will be a year for growth in the crypto and blockchain industry in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

At Kapytal Exchange we have several surprises prepared for our users. For the first time in Latin America Binance Coin is available to be traded for a Latin American fiat currency.

That’s right! We are the first cryptocurrency exchange platform from Latin American to provide a fiat gateway for Binance Coin. Now you can buy BNB directly with Mexican pesos in our platform, trade and create your own trading strategies in Binance Coin. You will also be able to receive payments in Binance Coin with our payment button function.

Kapytal Exchange is also pleased to announce Kapytal Card, an initiative to carry out cryptos to all people.

Kapytal Card will allow you to use your cryptocurrencies directly at any store with a point of sale.

There’s more!

As part of this special launch, trades up to 40,000 MXN volume in all markets will get a rebate on their trading fees from January 7th to February 7th, so you will be able to trade without worrying about fees for a whole month!

We have more surprises for the Kapytal community in the next coming days, If you have any questions, you can always message our live chat, send an email to , or join our Telegram group.

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