Three steps to accept cryptocurrencies in your business with Kapytal Exchange

If you have an online or physical commerce, you may want to diversify your payment options. You are probably already accepting different means of payment through debit and credit cards, but are you already accepting cryptocurrencies?

The problem today is that the means of payment through cryptocurrencies only allow you to directly receive the cryptocurrencies, and while the adoption of cryptocurrencies is not massive, it will not do much to have that money there without being able to use it, after all , it is still not legal to pay payroll with crypts.

Another issue is that you can not pay for services with cryptocurrencies. Despite being an industry of more than 100 billion dollars, its volatility and relative novelty still keep skeptics (although during 2018 the number of users of cryptocurrencies doubled).

However, at Kapytal Exchange we have an easy-to-use tool that will allow you to accept cryptocurrencies easily and receive pesos directly. We cut the intermediary, in addition to having the lowest rates in the market, and best of all: you can create your payment button completely free.

Step 1: Create an account in Kapytal Exchange

Easily create an account in Kapytal Exchange by clicking on the “create account” button. Fill out your basic information and wait for a confirmation email to arrive.

Confirm your account and you’ll be all set to begin.

Step 2: Crypto-Payments Section

Once you have accessed Kapytal Exchange, go to the “Resources” section where you will see a box with the text “Receive Crypto-Payments”. Click on this box to go to the Crypto-Payments section of the exchange.

In this section you will see a form. In this form you have your identification number as seller and the options to process your operation.

  • Kapytal charges a 2.5% commission for using this service, however, you have the possibility to reduce this to 0.25%.
  • 2.5% commission: Kapytal will ensure that the price you receive for the cryptocurrencies is the same as you stipulated in the payment button, so if the price suddenly falls, you will still receive what you requested minus the 2.5% commission.
  • 0.5% commission: Kapytal will sell the cryptocurrencies at the market price and deposit the pesos directly. This option does not guarantee that the amount you receive in fiat currency will be the same as you requested.
  • 0.25% commission: Kapytal will not sell the cryptocurrencies and will deposit them in your account. If you have a lot of sales volume, you can sell at the end of the day at the price that best suits you, or withdraw them and have them in your own wallet.

However, the slider that you can see below will allow you to divide the commission costs between the buyer (your client) and the seller (you).

The following fields “Callback URL” can be ignored if you do not have a website as they are not necessary to fill out. If you have a website and you understand the concept of the Callback JSON function, you can fill in the fields, but they are not necessary and will not affect the button if they are left blank.

Finally, you can see the field of “email for Payment Confirmations”, here you will place your email where you will receive the payment information. You can also choose the notifications you want to receive, we recommend that you choose the three options so that you are aware of the payment process.

Step 3: Generating the payment button and QR code

In this section you will see a form with four fields to fill out. You can state the price, the name of your store or business, or it can also be your name, order number, where you can place a value that identifies your sale, and finally a description so you know what item or product you sold.

However, the last three fields are optional, the only on that’s mandatory is price.

Once you fill in these fields, a code will appear at the bottom of the forms. This is an HTML code that you can place on your website or online commerce.

The current rate part is the time that Kapytal gives you to make the sale and get the amount you requested minus the 2.5% commission, if you do not choose this, you can have your QR code and it will continue to function normally.

If you do not have a website, then you can print this QR code, or capture it and have it on your phone and show it when a person wants to make a purchase.

Note: We recommend updating the payment button every so often to always guarantee the best rate when accepting a payment with crypts.

To make the process easier, we have created this practical infographic that will help you better understand the simple process of creating the payment button.

And this is how you can start moving your business to the future along with Kapytal Exchange.

What are you waiting for? Create a free account and try out the payment button!

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